Augur Rainer

RAINER AUGUR (* 1951 in Schwelm, NRW) captures special moments in life: objects and people are depicted in as precise detail as possible. Intense colours and the play of light and shadow make the individual scenes appear extremely realistic.

Another stylistic element: relevant people are depicted in central perspective. In this way, the artist achieves a three-dimensional effect on the two-dimensional picture surface. The role of the viewer as observer dissolves - he seems to participate directly in the action. RAINER AUGUR projects the emotions of his protagonists onto him, thus developing an empathetic game about proximity and the fleetingness of the moment.

RAINER AUGUR studied visual communication and was an art director for advertising and fashion agencies. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Fairs / awards (extract)
Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, Art Karlsruhe, Discovery Art Fair Cologne, Palm-Art-Award