Döring Jörg

Jörg Döring (born 1965 in Essen) became famous in the early 1990s with his oversized Donald and Mickey Mouse paintings. It is mainly American themes such as New York, Hollywood, comics and advertising that fascinate the painter and graphic artist. In the purest Pop Art manner, he brings his motifs to canvases. Each copy is individually processed before and after printing.

Starting from his personal collection of paintings, which is based on Pop Art, Jörg Döring develops his own stories on canvas, often thwarting their starting points. The results are fresh and in many respects complex wo
rks of art.

Jörg Döring is represented at exhibitions in Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Basel, Paris, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Miami and elsewhere.