Tabatt Uwe

Uwe Tabatt (* 1966 in Berlin) is no ordinary artist, he does not allow himself to be pigeonholed: he has developed and maintained his own distinctive style. His pictures tell stories. Only at second glance does the viewer discover small details that UWE TABATT skilfully incorporates to offer him new aspects.

His pictures not only document facts and events, they show visions and give food for thought: On the one hand, they elicit a smile from the viewer - but at the same time they also make him think. They are often serious issues that he visualises with artistic professionalism, always spicing them up with a pinch of irony and humour. He thinks about the world that surrounds him and translates his thoughts into his works. In this way, he encourages the viewer to change perspectives and to think critically.

In his artistic realisation, UWE TABATT has a very special signature. His pictures have a stereoscopic effect, he intensifies this effect by adding plastic elements. His art combines an impetus critical of civilisation with a fantastic realism.

Exhibitions / Excerpt:
Hong Kong Asia Contemporary, Red Dot Miami, Art Salzburg, Art Expo Zurich, Berliner Liste, Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung.