Ukraine Peace Shoes


Mixed Media,

Größe (H x W)

20 x 30 cm

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„Bag Art Projects“ – Tüten als Transportmittel für Kommunikation: Thitz gestaltet seine Botschaften auf Tüten . Seine Arbeiten sind bunte, manchmal skurrile oder bizarre, vielschichtige und faszinierende Bilder. Alltagskultur zur „Tüten und Acryl auf Leinwand“, so beschreibt der Künstler selbst (* 1962) die materielle Struktur seiner Gemälde. "Wer Großstädte wirklich malen will, darf nicht eine ausgedachte Stadt darstellen, sondern muss versuchen, das empfundene Erlebnis an sich zu malen, mit allen Geräuschen, Krach, Staub und Gerüchen. In eine Sekunde Stadt passt unendlich
viel Information – diese Stadt meine ich, das sind meine inneren Bilder.“

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As part of his “Bag Art Projects,” Thitz uses bags as a vessel for communication. He focuses on bags used to carry luxury items, clothing, vegetables, or baked goods. His works are colorful, sometimes strange or bizarre, intriguing and always interesting. The goal of his artistic journey is to transform everyday objects to “Bag art.”

“Bags and Acrylic on canvas,” is how the artist describes the materials used to create his works. “ Those who would like to truly paint big cities should not copy the city exactly, instead, they must try to paint the full experience including the noises, dirt and smells. In just a second infinite information is communicated. This is the city I try to capture in my artworks.

Thitz´s bag projects have taken him worldwide. His “Bag Cosmos” extends beyond Europe to cities in both North and South America as well as Asia and Northern Africa.

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