Beier Günter

Painting or photo? The artist Günter Beier is an absolute perfectionist and flexes his artistic skillset through his hyper realistic paintings. His main motifs are day-to-day products such a balloons, chocolates or Haribo gummy candies, which he blows up in size and clearly displays their existing bright colors. He uses the objects not for their intellectual property but for their aesthetic, which he amplifies and glorifies.

The artist´s intentions: to open new perspectives. Through the extreme enlargement of the objects, attention is drawn to the details, color and composition of the objects. He takes the objects out of their original context and places them on a neutral background. By giving them direct attention, they form a new aesthetic.

Notable Fairs / Exhibitions

Berlin, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Innsbruck, Zürich, Dornbirn, Köln, Seoul, Toronto, Miami, Palm Beach, Wiesbaden


HARIBO Bonn, Kolon Group, Korea, Fitch Ratings, AIDA Cruises, Rostock und Privatsammlungen in Deutschland, Belgien, Schweiz, USA, Belgien, Brasilien, Korea.