General terms and conditions of business


You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase goods from this webshop.


Due to database synchronization, there may be unintended inaccuracies on the website - for example, artwork may be displayed as "available" when it is actually already sold.

Right of Cancellation

No exchange or right of return on original artworks - except in the case of damage caused by transportation.

Taxes and Import/Export Duties

The buyer is fully responsible for the payment of all sales and use taxes, VAT, export and/or import taxes and duties, and any transaction taxes or duties - collectively, "Taxes" - in connection with the purchase of each item.

It is the buyer's responsibility to provide evidence of any tax exemption. The buyer is responsible for all export and/or import taxes or duties incurred upon export of the item from the country of origin and import into the United States or any other country and reports those to the appropriate taxing authority.


The buyer may instruct the dealer to arrange for packaging, shipping, and freight insurance for the items purchased. Upon the buyer's request, the dealer shall provide all relevant shipping information

  • including the name of the carrier
  • the full cost of shipping from the dealer to the receiving address specified by the buyer
  • any charges or fees the dealer may charge for packaging the invoiced goods.

All shipping charges are payable in advance.


Within 7 days of receiving confirmation of the sale, the buyer must remit the full total purchase price. If you choose to pay in advance by bank transfer, please send us the confirmation slip from your bank so that we can send you the artwork.


Galerie Reitz GmbH accepts no responsibility and/or liability for unsolicited application documents, portfolios, dossiers, images, etc. sent in.