Babo Barbara

BARBARA BABAO, born in 1966 in Zurich, took her first sculpture classes over 30 years ago. Since then, she has taken numerous further training courses as a sculptor in stone, wood and clay. 20 years ago she made her first bronzes in her studios in Küsnacht and Rüti. Despite numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, she has always attended academic courses in painting and sculpture.
Since 2014, the artist has been living and working in Ascona, on Lake Maggiore.
"What always makes me very happy is the craft side of creating a sculpture. Once I have modeled the figure in clay, brought it into the world, I build molds, plaster, saw, drill, spatulate, hammer, often maniacally."
BARBARA BABAO is represented in many national and international collections, such as the Bindella Collection.