Digon Egon

"In my work, you have to caress the form until it appears the way it wants."
In doing so, EGON DIGON (*1964, Val Gardena) is not interested in real designs given by nature - rather, he seeks artificial counterparts. The distortion of geometric elements is the starting point for his wooden objects. Tension-laden works emerge that completely dissolve the material. "I don't search within myself, but I come across something. Basically, the work of art takes on a life of its own," is how EGON DIGON describes his creative process. He works the wood in such a way that it becomes soft like foam rubber, breaks up the solidity of the material - transforms it into a liquid mass, gives straight lines movement and lightness.

The deviation from austerity - the striving for freedom are messages that EGON DIGON conveys in his three-dimensional objects. He creates structures that press against each other or against each other in order to free himself from a pattern - in form as well as in thought.

EGON DIGON's works are presented internationally at trade fairs and exhibitions.