Durrer Andreas

Andreas Durrer (* 1960) arrived at a gestural style of painting through his examination of abstract expressionism. His works are based on the dialogue between color field and line. The basic theme of his painting is the perception of the pictorial space as a multi-layered, autonomous entity.

Durrer works with brush, spatula and paint tube on the easel and mainly uses acrylic paints. His palette captivates with a differentiated richness of color: in addition to luminous primary colors, the spectrum of nuances and subtle shades of gray unfolds. The pictorial elements seem to be located in different depth zones. Durrer achieves this effect by forming layers. The composition develops in the process through accentuation and overpainting. The artist also uses the primer as a colour tone in a targeted manner, thus transporting the rearmost layer forwards.

Andreas Durrer's works are represented in collections and at international trade fairs.

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