Gross Stefan

Stefan Gross (*1979, Bendorf) completed an apprenticeship as a glass painter. During his training he was surrounded by coloured glass and learned to think in colour. In 1988 he was appointed master of practice and completed it with the study of painting at the HBK Saar, Saarbrücken. After his studies, which he completed cum laude, he moved to the Netherlands.

Here he lives and works, always in search of new painting techniques. In 2006 he developed his own material, which he uses mostly today. It is created by dyeing an industrial plastic with classic oil paints. It is surface and colour in one and enables Stefan Gross to extend the paint surface three-dimensionally. At low temperature it behaves like glass.

Prizes and Scholarships :1996 " AEG Art Prize Ecology " by AEG, Germany
1996 - Award as best draftsman from the Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz
1997 - DAAD scholarship in Holland from the German government
2008 - Frits Philips art award of the Museum Kunstlicht in Eindhoven, NL
2009 - Project grant for Love Hat Punch from the Dutch Foundation for Visual ARTS, DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE (Fonds BKVB)
2012 - Purchase of 2 works of art in the collection BOIJMANS VAN BEUNIGEN, Rotterdam
Purchase of artworks for the VAN DEN BROEK FOUNDATION

Exhibitions / Extract
Context Art Miami - Solo Art Karlsruhe - Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary - Aff Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Hampstead, Hamburg, New York