Radhoff-Troll Monika

In her works, Monika Radhoff-Troll (*1958 in Gelsenkirchen) critically addresses the intricate interplay between art, consumption and nature. Parallel to her objects mostly made of packaging materials, the "Civilization Carpets" and her recent works made of dyed feathers, she constructs land art and spatial installations that reflect and illuminate our consumer behavior and its effects on our immediate surroundings and landscape. She purposefully uses the visual appeal and diversity of plastic as a material, as well as its ubiquity, in her installations: As repetitions in a context where the recipient does not expect them.

Excerpt collections

Museum Ritter, D • IKOB, Museum for contemporary art, Lüttich, B • Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen, D - City of Lohmar, D - Kangaeru-Shirou kan Kawauchi mura, Fukushima, Japan - Sparkasse Westmünsterland, D - For four years: The Washington Post, Washington D.C., U.S.A.