Rudolph Christian

"What fascinates me again and again is the possibility of having a vague idea of a sculpture in my head, of constructing it, developing it further, observing it, including chance, possibly intervening in a controlling way in order to finally execute it by hand. There are no drawings, only a few sketches, I prefer the more time-consuming and contemplative way of building a paper model.

The advantage is that right from the start I am in three-dimensionality and can thus sound out the centre of gravity, mass and distribution of proportion and weight. Another advantage is that a model can be scaled - i.e. it can be executed proportionally in different sizes. I then use the paper surfaces as a template for the sheet metal blanks, which I draw on the computer using AutoCAD, in order to have them cut by laser or water jet".

Art Prize Winner of the Kaufbeurer Artists Foundation

Numerous competitions, acquisitions, prizes and achievements in the field of art in architecture and art in public spaces.