Szczesny Stefan

Stefan Szczesny (* 1951) became internationally known in the 1980s as a co-founder and protagonist of the "Junge Wilden" (Young Wild Ones) - he is still considered one of the most important representatives of this neoexpressive movement today. Stays in New York, southern France, the Caribbean, as well as scholarships at the Villa Massimo in Rome, at the Villa Romana in Florence, and in Paris have had a lasting influence on his career: Stefan Szczesny stands for life-affirming, lively, emotional and colorful art - he lives and works in Saint-Tropez.

Museum collections (excerpt):
Lenbachhaus, Munich - Bayerische Staatsgemälde Sammlung, Munich - Kunsthalle Mannheim - Villa Massimo, Rome - Musée de la ville de Cannes - Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Ithaca, New York - Kunstsammlung Deutsche Bank - Villeroy & Boch Museum, Mettlach - Kunsthalle Bremen • Musée de la Castre & Villa Domergue, Cannes - Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz

Private collections (excerpt):
Stephen Schwarzman, New York - Pierce Brosnan, Los Angeles - Steve Wynn, Las Vegas - Tommy Hilfiger, New York - Heidi Horten, Wörthersee - Leo König, Duisbug - Alfred Neven Dumont, Köln - Jamileh Weber, Zürich - Dietmar Hopp, Walldorf - Mario Adorf, München - Frieder Burda, Berlin - Sammlung Gunter Sachs Axel Ganz, Berlin - Florian Langenscheidt, Berlin