Ziermann Luzius

Alexander Luzius Ziermann was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1959. Using a wide variety of techniques and media, he transfers forms that can be found everywhere in nature, both large and microscopically small, into unique works of art.
In 2006, the artist created reflective art landscapes with used car rear-view mirrors all over the world, including Namibia, Lanzarote, Ireland and Italy. Inspired by the Fairy Circles in the Namib Road, in 2014 he designed an ET Jaguar into a Gesamtkunstwerk, which he staged in different ways. The shapes depicted on it have since manifested themselves in various sculptures made of Plexiglas. Two years ago, he began the series "A Piece of Ocean", in which a real moment of moving ocean surface, digitally captured, is depicted in a milled Plexiglas block.
Works by the artist can be seen in museums and collections worldwide, including the Barz Collection and the DZ Bank Collection.