Reh Verloren 2


Mixed media on canvas

Größe (H x W)

140 x 140 cm

CHF 8,000

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Park Kejoo

The painter, architect and landscape artist Kejoo Park, born in Seoul, South Korea, studied painting at Pratt Institute and Cornell University and landscape architecture at Harvard. Nature and architecture are important points of reference for the artist. She differentiates between "nature not created by humans" on the one hand and "human nature", its innermost character, on the other. Park is preoccupied with the idea that we can never be directly who we are in our innermost being. She is concerned with the individual moment of nature in human beings, which cannot appear as such, but only in its social form. Individuality arises through the influence of and through the confrontation with external (social) structures.

Kejoo Park's works are represented in national and international collections

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