Größe (H x W x D)

75 x 26 x 16 cm

CHF 15,500

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Prior Klaus

Klaus Prior (*1945 in Wesel on the Lower Rhine) makes the human figure the focus of his work, both in painting and sculpture. His works are created without a previous sketch, without a model, often in one go, depending on size and shape.

With spontaneously chosen colours, impulsive gestures and quickly thrown brushstrokes, the artist outlines the silhouettes of his motifs. He works mainly with wood - his iron and bronze sculptures are also casts of wooden sculptures.

Klaus Prior's works can be found in numerous museums and public and private collections in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

Extract from collections:
Art Collection Julias Bär & Co. AG - Zurich Insurance Company - Singen Art Museum - Ravensburg District - Wesel Municipal Museum - Lugano Municipality - Canton Ticino - Vaumarcus Castle - ARtBON Collection and Foundation

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