Jetzig Helle

Helle Jetzig´s artistic process begins with digital photography, most often in black and white. From this black and white state, each photograph is transformed through scaling and layering to add new dimensions. Then to bring the artwork further to life, he utilizes a complex painting technique to add rich color. To finish off the artwork with a sleek modern look as well as to give the color and layers an extra pop, he finishes off the piece with a layer of clear resin.

The main inspiration and theme in his artworks is the city. New York, London, Istanbul, and Venice are at the center of his architectural and cultural aesthetic. Helle Jetzig hints at iconic silhouettes in combination with less famous city scenes while utilizing the lines and shapes bridges, industrial buildings, billboards, and cars have to offer. Through the images he captures he actually shows the flow of time and a refreshed emphasis on existing beauty.